December 17, 2017

Anonymous Bitcoin Mixer

Our bitcoin mixing service does not require any account or personal information and doesn’t collect any information about visitor’s activity.
December 2, 2017

SantaCoin – The new train on crypto-currency

The cryptocurrency industry is an eye bugling 1000 plus strong. From the big one Bitcoin, to Etheruem which seeks to supplant it, to the countless newer ones trying to gain acceptance and following, it is really a daunting task keeping track of this $200 billion worth industry. Often through the clutter we ignore gems that we ought to take notice […]
December 2, 2017

GoalBonanza: Combing Lottery and Sports Betting For Football Matches

One a yearly basis, it’s estimated that about 200 million people make wagers on the outcome of a game. Of these people betting, the combined regulated and unregulated sports betting market is worth up to $3 trillion today. Sports betting is an incredibly popular way for sports fanatics to see a return on their betted investment by the end of […]
September 28, 2017

Consulting Firms Need More Blockchain Talent

Based on PwC FinTech manager Jeremy Drane, the number one problem confronting the blockchain industry now is a scarcity of ability, a statement backed up by announcements by the company’s peers. A blockchain hiring company is currently hitting the significant professional services companies as they want to fulfill the growing need for goods and services from international financial institutions and […]