Learn how you can build own online Bitcoin business from scratch with no coding or equipment involved and earn thousands of dollars every month.

"Work Smart, Not Hard"


Join Bitcoin Business Challenge and discover how you can create successful and highly profitable Bitcoin business within 30 days. Now you’ll see exactly how I do it, step by step, completely transparent.

  • No coding or equipment required
  • No prior experience is needed
  • No Selling or cold calling
  • Free bonuses included

The course consist of 30 daily challenges with video and written tutorials broken into multiple segments so you can learn and execute my exact strategy.

Limited Enrollment – 30 Slots On;y (start date 07-15-17)

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Why Should You Start Bitcoin Business?

Follow My Shortcut Into Getting Wealthy With Bitcoin

Many people invest into Bitcoin mining, gambling and even ponzi scheme, hoping to become rich over time. Unfortunately those people get no results or even lose their money. While it’s not impossible to find massive success through Bitcoin mining operation (in case you have millions to invest), I believe that there are much more profitable, hassle free, innovative opportunities to earn Bitcoins by offering the 'tools' to those who prefer earning Bitcoin the 'old' way. And this is what our challenge is about - creating risk free sustainable Bitcoin business.

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How To Win Challenge

Watch the video

Learn how to earn the points in order to win the challenge and final prize.

Bossis.me aims to bring Bitcoin culture to the masses via free challenges.

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Challenge Checklist

  • Enter the challenge and invite friends
  • Complete every step of the challenge
  • Share your achievements with the community
  • Earn votes, win challenge